Manuscripts should be submitted via email to pyil(at) or uploaded on ExpressO ( Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (any version).

All articles are subject to initial verification by the editorial board to determine whether the submitted text meets basic editorial requirements and is compatible with the scientific interests of the journal. The review process is described in more detail in Review process section.

Submissions should not exceed 10,000 words (including footnotes), although in exceptional cases PYIL may accept longer works. The Editorial Board assesses manuscripts on a rolling basis. It will consider requests for expedited review in appropriate instances (for example, pending acceptance for publication from another journal).

Authors of submitted works must reveal the input by third persons in the creation of the submitted work, and describe the scope and form of their participation as well as their professional or institutional affiliation.

The Editorial Board wishes to stress that “ghost-writing” and/or “guest authorship” are considered to be manifestations of unscrupulous and/or dishonest academic professionalism, and in the event it discovers any such instances or evidence thereof it will report the same.