Konferencje i wykłady

Zaproszenie 3 października 2018

International conference – 05.10.2018 – “Memory Laws in Post-Transitional Democracies: Case Studies form Post-Communist States Conference”


The conference is organized by ‘Memory Laws in European and Comparative Perspective MELA’ research consortium established between the Polish Academy of Sciences, Queen Mary University London, T.M.C. Asser Institute and University of Bologna, with support of EU Commission’s HERA grant no.15.094. http://melaproject.org/


Warsaw, October 5th 2018
Venue: Mirror Room, Staszic Palace, Polish Academy of Sciences / Sala Lustrzana, Pałac Staszica, Polska Akademia Nauk


Keynote lecture: Prof. Nikolay Koposov, author of “Memory Laws, Memory Wars. The Politics of the Past in Europe and Russia”

Register at: phrc@man.poznan.pl