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Zaproszenie 9 października 2018

Seminar about the experiences of return migration – 26.10.2018 – Edge Hill University (Ormskirk)

We would like to invite you to a research seminar, organized jointly by the Department of Law and Criminology (EHU), the Migration Working Group – North West (EHU) and the Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences that will take place on Friday 26th October 2018. The seminar will focus on the experiences of return migration from two distinct perspectives: one debating the forced returns of EU citizens (a case study of Poles) following contact with the criminal justice system and the second touching upon the ideas of ‘voluntary’ returns in and outside of the context of Brexit. Two presentations will be given on the day:

  • Prof Witold Klaus and Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz – “Researching experiences of Poles deported from the UK in the context of the criminal justice system involvement”.
  • Dr Zana Vathi – “Return migration and volition”.

The presentations will be followed by discussion and a networking lunchtime event. This seminar is organized with the generous support of the British Academy’s Visiting Fellowships Programme.

Event details:

Date: Friday 26th October 2018

Start time: 11am

Venue: Edge Hill University, Wilson Building, Room W15, Ormskirk.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to 30. If you would like to attend, please email Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz at martynoa@edgehill.ac.uk

We hope to see you there.